040: Collective Directions

Today’s geekery covers games Sid and Dave are playing, particularly Halo (Sara Ceaser explains why she lets SId play) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Christmas movies, recent and upcoming events. We also debut our first pass at a “collective-building” segment during which we mention what we know is going on creatively. Recorded December 9, 2013.

Collective News

  •  Die-cast licensed Firefly USB Drive in development by designer Alen Yen for delivery February 2014.
  • Humorist Teresa Santoski’s new weekly blog posts; Christian devotional Prayers for Oppa is also now available on Amazon.
  • Guitarist Ian Ethan Case is mentioned on WBUR’s Here and Now DJ Sessions w/ Julie Lavender
  • Writer Sabina Chen has been making delicious-looking bars of soap.
  • The first Women in Tech Hangout (WiTH) will be December 10, 630PM at DynHQ in Manchester.
  • The NH Creative Club will be hosting a 3D Printing Networking / Tech event at the SEE Science Center in Manchester on December 10, 530PM to 900PM.

039: Podcast Directions

Upcoming Open Studios we know about. A discussion of the purpose of the podcast…perhaps it is about the collective connections we’re making? Recorded December 2, 2013.


038: Finding and Collecting Stuff and People

*ahem* @sidceaser, I hear you didn’t have time to add notes to the anime podcast because you’re cataloging your comic book collection.

Today’s show covers collecting, comic books, nostalgia, and finding people we think are doing cool projects.


037X: Extended All-Anime Podcast!

“How did you get into Anime?”  Here’s the “all anime” podcast session that Sid, Dave, and Teresa had after the official one wrapped. We ramble on for 2.5 hours about our introduction to Japanese animation and subsequent experiences with it. For the nerdiest of nerds! Recorded November 18, 2013.






037: Special Guest Teresa Santoski, Writer

Our guest is award-winning columnist Teresa Santoski, who has just published her first book, “Prayers for Oppa”, a Christian devotional for performers and fans of east Asian pop music: K-pop, J-pop, Chinese pop…you name it! Recorded November 18, 2013.



Teresa Santoski / Prayers for Oppa


Morning Musume

Berryz Koubou

Hello! Project

035: Reboot, Redux

Rising from the grave in time for Halloween, Sid and Dave re-restart the podcast series for 2013. Again. Hopefully.

034: Back in the Saddle

After a 9-month hiatus, we kick off 2013 with a lengthly review of Dave’s recent activities and Sid’s recent self-interview video with the Red River Theater in Concord. Recorded January 18, 2013.


033: Making Things is Scary

Dave reports on his transition to identifying as a “stationery designer”. Sid talks about his ongoing efforts to reach the right people, which leads into a discussion about how to make business work in the context of art and uncertainty. Also mentioned: Tanya Lacourse and her upcoming Art Party hosted at Ceaser Photography, Michael Bellar’s upcoming album. Recorded April 4, 2012.


032: Art Galleries and Editions

A short podcast covering Sid’s recent gallery opening at Boston’s NK Gallery, the power of numbers in editions, Dave’s almost-ready-to-sell StickyPad Emergent Task Planner sheets. Dave goes into the overall experience of producing and shipping the product. Sid relates the Valentine’s Day mentions of “The Puppet Proposal”, which segues into its nomination for the 2012 New England Art Award in the New Media category.