058: Everyone We Know

Episode 58!   Dave tells us how his “Themed work weeks” are going. Sid was down with the flu last week, and gets into a heated discussion about the potential NHIA & SNHU merger. Recorded July 28th, 2014


EVERYONE WE KNOW (that listens to our Podcast)

  • Elise McD and Robert Penttinen
  • Travis Roy
  • Jeff Borkowski
  • Alen Yen
  • Quentin Lewis
  • Eric Sagan



Intro/Outro music provided by the amazingly awesome Michael Bellar & AS/IS Ensemble

3 thoughts on “058: Everyone We Know

  1. Hey….nice show and makes me remember what I loved about living in NH! Keep up the good work…..I’ll keep listening and sharing!

  2. Woa….your comment on me almost makes me sound interesting….even maybe almost “cool”…..Hmm, Dave, I’m thought you had good judgement….I suppose everyone makes mistakes from time to time! 🙂

    Love the Podcast……with my long commute to work, it is the perfect listen!


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