037X: Extended All-Anime Podcast!

“How did you get into Anime?”  Here’s the “all anime” podcast session that Sid, Dave, and Teresa had after the official one wrapped. We ramble on for 2.5 hours about our introduction to Japanese animation and subsequent experiences with it. For the nerdiest of nerds! Recorded November 18, 2013.






2 thoughts on “037X: Extended All-Anime Podcast!

  1. It is an honor for listening to your radio podcast! Especially considering she my best friend! Shes brillant, and a talented lady. Thank you for Pod Casting this! Its great because I know so much about her, and I get to know a little more! Samari Pizza Cats need to hear and see this!

    Laura Johnson 🙂

  2. @01:28:30 – ‘The Cat Returns’ was directed by Hiroyuki Morita, which might be why it doesn’t feel like a Miyazaki film.

    I need to finish Yakitate Japan.

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