086: Jim and Pam and the State of Movies, TV, and Zombies

Dave and Sid talk television and movies with the crankiness that comes only from being jaded nerds of a certain age! Sid ships Jim and Pam in his first watching of The Office. Sid’s favorite zombie movies and games. Movies we’re not quite looking forward to. Getting burned out on blockbusters. Comparison between Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes. Thanks to Kenta Koga and Eric Vaughn for hanging out in the livestream chat with us.

Recorded March 21, 2018. 30 minutes.

Show Notes and Links:

  • Television: The Office, Black Mirror, Altered Carbon
  • Movies Seen: Black Panther
  • Movies Future Seeing: Tomb Raider, Wrinkle in Time, Pacific Rim, The Shape of Water, Isle of Dogs
  • Games: Monster Hunter, The Division

We also live-streamed this Podcast session. Watch us live and in living color!

Intro and Outro music provided by: MICHAEL BELLAR. Used by permission of the artist.

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