002: Workshops, Selling on Amazon, and Brotherhood of the Wolf

In our second podcast, Sid relates how his fourth “Portable Portrait” workshop went well despite the rain. Dave describes how he started selling his Emergent Task Planner pads through Amazon Fulfillment, and discusses cost issues. Sid summarizes an afternoon shoot for a local skeptic, which becomes a discussion over the difficulty of pricing services such that the consumer can understand them. Finally, Sid tries to convince a skeptical Dave that “Brotherhood of the Wolf” is an awesome movie.

001: Introducing Sid Ceaser and Dave Seah

After the umpteenth animated discussion about how to make this “creativity” thing work, my buddy Sid Ceaser and I decided to do a podcast. So this afternoon, we pointed microphones at each other and chewed the fat. Our initial conversation covers, loosely, creativity and business. The session kicks off with Sid’s story about photographing Ben Slavin, whom Sid met at the Strobist meetup, prior to Ben’s motorcycle ride to the tip of South America, and from there we get into a general discussion about what drives creative things we do, balaninge between the need to do art versus the necessity of commercializing it, and finding what you want to say and what you love to do, and having the guts to follow through.