040: Collective Directions

Today’s geekery covers games Sid and Dave are playing, particularly Halo (Sara Ceaser explains why she lets SId play) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Christmas movies, recent and upcoming events. We also debut our first pass at a “collective-building” segment during which we mention what we know is going on creatively. Recorded December 9, 2013.

Collective News

  •  Die-cast licensed Firefly USB Drive in development by designer Alen Yen for delivery February 2014.
  • Humorist Teresa Santoski’s new weekly blog posts; Christian devotional Prayers for Oppa is also now available on Amazon.
  • Guitarist Ian Ethan Case is mentioned on WBUR’s Here and Now DJ Sessions w/ Julie Lavender
  • Writer Sabina Chen has been making delicious-looking bars of soap.
  • The first Women in Tech Hangout (WiTH) will be December 10, 630PM at DynHQ in Manchester.
  • The NH Creative Club will be hosting a 3D Printing Networking / Tech event at the SEE Science Center in Manchester on December 10, 530PM to 900PM.

039: Podcast Directions

Upcoming Open Studios we know about. A discussion of the purpose of the podcast…perhaps it is about the collective connections we’re making? Recorded December 2, 2013.