004: Fancy Lenses, Tiny Websites, Narcoleptic Owls, and Toy Robots

Originally recorded on December 6, 2009 in Sid’s studio, we cover a number of local artist endeavors. On the camera side of things: our local camera store closes, using professional equipment rentals (which are surprisingly affordable), fancy lenses. On the design side: Dave talks about his new “transparent design company” project, the mentality of starting from scratch and the comparatively smaller needs of starter web clients. In local artist news, we talk about “The Button Factory Artist Studios” in Portsmouth, NH. We chat about artist Heidi Brunnell’s “Narcoleptic Owls”; Alen Yen, Japanese robot toy enthusiast, learning to make and manufacture his own robot toys; Vanessa Leigh, model and actress; The work of Bryan Thomas and Elise MacDonald in making local music “listening room” Studio 99 an important part of our local music scene.

Stuff we talked about in the podcast