012: Childhood Memories and The Deathly Hallows

We review a few local happenings in the Nashua area: the Open Studios at the Picker Building before the annual Nashua Holiday Stroll, thoughts about the new Nashua Arts Commission, Sara Prindiville’s ornament donation project, and a round of impressions about the new Harry Potter movie and the trailers we saw beforehand. We also tell a few stories about mothers and the things that they’ve kept from our childhood. Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe!


And as always, the wonderful intro/outro music by Michael Bellar and the AS/IS Ensemble

011: Local Happenings, Taking Calls, Keeping Busy

We missed our last podcast air date due to technical problems (dead laptop computer), so we caught up this week. Topics covered: Art Party Manchester, Barcamp Manchester, Holiday Stroll Nashua, Image Expo East, Zombieland, The Walking Dead, and working with a test group. Both Sid and Dave are interrupted by work-related phone calls. A fun, nerdy 30-minute timeout.